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Frequently asked questions

Hereinafter you will be able to find the answer to the most important and frequently asked questions related to the spectral analysis method (or hair mineralogram).

If you are able find 10-12 minutes and pay heed to studying this section, it will undoubtedly help you to understand more clearly the aims and the importance of the spectral analysis of the human hair.



General questions on tests, payment and cooperation


1) Why do I have to pay for a test in advance? Will you definitely make the test as specified on the website?


There is no reason to worry!  The medical and other services require the advanced payment. The ordered work package will be fulfilled completely in accordance with the provisions of the public offer contract, published on our website.


2) How can I make sure that the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and not some other institution will examine my hair?


This matter is very easy to check! The results of the laboratory tests you will receive will be issued on the letterhead of the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations? it will be sealed with a special rectangular seal and signed by  the head of the laboratory. You can see what the results of the analysis and the passed should look like by clicking this link.


3) Do you have a standard contract for services? Where can I find it?


You can find a public offer agreement which is concluded between the Customer (you) and the Contractor (our company) by clicking this link.

Regarding the cooperation with the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, our company takes part in the state research program aimed at diagnosing the presents of toxic chemical elements in bodies of the people living in Russia. Such diagnosis is based on data obtained through the elemental analysis laboratory  of  the All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine of A.M. Nikiforov, represented by Anton Petrov (his participant number is 0056).

You can see a copy of the certificate by clicking this link.

You can confirm the stated information by contacting the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situation through an official request.


4) I don't live in St. Petersburg. How can I send my hair to the clinic for testing?


This is a very frequent case. Everything is quite simple!

Please,  follow the instructions listed in the section of "The Necessary Steps for Passing the Test".


5) I lost the form issued and sealed by the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situation I received. What should I do in such case?


You need to send a request to our specialists. You will receive an electronic unsealed and unsigned copy for free.

If you need an official sealed and signed replica of the original we will have to ask for a small pay for reissue and delivery of the document to you.


6) How can I pay for the services?


There is a vast variety of payment options meant both for private and corporate clients. You can check the list of payment options by clicking this link.


7) I live abroad but I really want to do the test. How can I do it  and how can I pay for the service?


This is a very frequent case. Everything is quite simple! You will need to proceed as follows:

- Collect the samples required for the test, following the instructions (you can read the instruction clicking the link)

-  Seal it in an envelope and send to us via mail or express delivery services (DHL, TNT, Pony Express, etc.)

-  Upon receiving the samples, our experts will contact you and negotiate the payment options for services available for our foreign customers (generally, payment via PayPal or by a bank card)

- As the study is completed, you will send  an electronic version to your e-mail address. If required, we will  send the original via mail to an address, specified by you, for an additional fee.

Please,  follow the instructions listed in the section of "The Necessary Steps for Passing the Test".


8) How long do I have to wait for the results of the test? Will you send it to me via mail or do I need to collect the data personally?


It takes 3-5 working days to get the results after receiving the test material.

We will send you your test results immediately via e-mail. A little later you will be able to get the originals via mail, a courier, or you can collect them personally.


11) This service is not provided in our country. How can I become a representative of your company and promote it in our country?


We are glad that you have shown the interest in technologies of the 21st century. Let us assure you that this direction is really interesting and promising.

You can find the business plan and learn the details of general the basis of cooperation following this link.


13) It's hard to believe that this service is provided in St. Petersburg. Russia only. Is it true?


It is absolutely true! There are some privet laboratories claiming to provide such services, but you should think twice  before contacting them since:

- These tests will not have any legal or medical validity;

-  Tests are often conducted with equipment designed for different purpose (testing soil, water, industrial samples, but not the vital activity of a human being);

- Private laboratories cannot keep up with the recent trends in technology. The equipment they use is often outdated and often second-hand and therefore it shows low accuracy in its performance.


14) There are four of us in our family. Will you give us a discount if we order 4 tests at once?


There are service packages, drawn up for such cases, listed in the section of “The Cost of Services”.


16) Do I have to provide true personal data  or can it be fictional?


In order to analyze the state of your health correctly, we need to know your exact age, gender, bad habits and diseases stated in a form you have to fill in for passing the test. In order to do so click this link.

As for your name and exact date of birth, it is not so crucial to us.


17) It seems to me that your test is quite expensive. Why does cost so much?


Regarding  pricing, it is worth reading the article on this issue you can find by clicking this link.

At short, the spectral analysis of hair qua the universal method for analyzing the health status and the indicator of noxious toxic elements in the human body has no real analogues.

The cost of a visit to a general practitioner along with general urine and blood tests will come up to 50-100 USD, which makes the half of the cost of the spectral analysis.

We do not persuade you to do this test. Everyone has a right  to choose his own path and make his rational decisions.

Our mission described in this section gives a very clear picture of  the ideas and goals of 33 Elements.


18) When was the laboratory of elementary analysis of the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situation founded?


This classified governmental project aimed at monitoring the health condition of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situation was introduced in 2007. Over the more than a decade it accumulated a huge amount of laboratory data, which allows us to speak of the great value and practical benefits of this method of analysis of the human health.


The questions on the spectral analysis of hair:


1) Which elements are considered useful and which are noxious and toxic?


Vital elements:


Boron (B)

Calcium (Ca)

Cobalt (Co)

Chrome (Cr)

Copper (Cu)

Iron (Fe)

Iodine (I)

Potassium (K)

Magnesium (Mg)

Manganese (Mn)

Molybdenum (Mo)

Sodium (Na)

Phosphorus (P)

Selenium (Se)

Vanadium (V)

Zinc (Zn)

Silicon (Si)

Germanium (Ge)


Toxic noxious elements:


Titanium (Ti)

Antimony (Sb)

Silver (Ag)

Aluminum (Al)

Arsenic (As)

Beryllium (Be)

Cadmium (Cd)

Cesium (Cs)

Mercury (Hg)

Lithium (Li)

Nickel (Ni)

Lead (Pb)

Strontium (Sr)

Thallium (Tl)

Barium (Ba)

Tin (Sn)

Rubidium (Rb)


2) Why is the spectral analysis of hair samples worth doing?  Will I become healthier straight away? How will it affect my health?


Your questions are quite logical. They are asked by the majority of our customers. We will try to give the most clear answers, trying to avoid much reasoning, since the thorough consideration of these aspects would result in a full-fledged book!

Following the statistic based on the national health research programs, conducted both in Russia and other countries, currently, no one could be considered absolutely healthy with regard to the balance of vitamins and mineral in his body, recommended for the perfect well-being. From this perspective we would like to emphasize the fact that every modern human being has some deviation in the content of vital constituent elements.

For example, someone has the exceeding level of calcium and iodine, which is harmful for the human body.

The other might have the high content of strontium and lead at the normal level of calcium and iodine. The pattern here is very different, but it is equally bad for health.

It is worth asking, "What  does a notion of “a healthy person” really mean for most people of different generations?"

We see a man, walking down the street and looking healthy. We don't see him often or spend much time with him.  Every time we see him he looks healthy, thus, we can presume that he is healthy.

But when we constantly watch him for 5 - 20 years, our opinion changes. People say, "Take care of your health while you are young!", though, they come to this idea when they turn 50 or more.

Any health problem is usually solved with the drug treatment, a drastic measure taken in order to save time, and after that a man just carries on living until  he gets another reason  to visit doctors.

Such attitude bears a number of long-term health risks for the  years to come.

We, by no means, oppose the drug treatment. We just encourage people to reconsider the attitude towards the temporary solutions to their health problems and consider building a long-term plan for keeping fit and healthy.

The test done through the spectral analysis based on 33 chemical elements gives is the most accurate picture of the condition of your body.

The provided data gives a clear idea of every existing and future health problem and becomes the basis for the correction plan, aimed at bringing your body back to normal followed by systematical strengthening and supporting of identified risk areas.

Science has made great strides, and it has long been proven that a person' whose level of vitamins, microelements, hormones, etc. is normal can be truly called physiologically healthy, which is confirmed by his general well-being, vitality and exciting lifestyle.

The divergence of these parameter results in an imbalance and the body gradually becomes forced to manifest this fact through a disease. In other words,  it gives you a signal that something has to be changed.

It is worth reminding that a human body, as well as a human being as such, qua physical matter, is made of atoms, the smallest particles, which form  molecules, and, progressively, organs, tissues, skeleton, etc.

Thus, the scientific term for the spectral analysis of hair is “mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma”.

Hair gets decomposed into the smallest particles in order to be analyzed and provide the data based on 33 chemical elements, present in the human body.

If the analysis of chemical elements has shown that they are in harmony it means that other higher structures, formed from molecules, will also function perfectly.

We would like to finish this brief review by saying that after doing the spectral test, you will be able to understand the following issues:

- The pattern of mineral metabolism based of 33 chemical elements involving the detection of noxious toxic elements and the shortage of the vital ones;

- The reasons for skin, hair, nails, etc. deterioration;

- The detection of the hidden prerequisites for the future chronic diseases;

- The overall picture of your lifestyle, nutrition, stress resistance and the impact of you working environment on your health;

- the performance of the organs (the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, urinary system, etc.) responsible for the detoxification and elimination of the noxious substances.


3) What are the prerequisites for doing the test?


To be brief, regular testing of the body condition and making the correction plan, if required, is, undoubtedly, important for everyone who cares about his quality of life.

The groups at the biggest risk of deviations are:

- Living in the adverse environment (urban living, industrial employment, etc.);

- Body changes and forming in childhood and adolescence;

- Frequent stress and the depressive environment;

- Pregnancy and the postpartum period;

- Lack of proper nutrition;

- The risk of endocrine problems;

- Frequent medication and long treatment periods;

- Excessive physical activity, etc.


4) The test is done in Russia. I live in Asia. Will it affect the results and conclusions?


No, it certainly will not! All people are made of the same matter and they live according to the same physiological laws. The difference in results can be caused by their living environment, climate and ecological situation in the country or the region they live in and the food they eat, etc.

The procedure of the spectral analysis of hair is the same any person regardless the country, race and nationality. It is aimed at detecting a mineralogical map of a human body and setting a vector for a its  healthy balancing.


5) What makes your test unique? There are plenty of other express methods for health checking.


Broadly speaking the spectral analysis is the only non-invasive method (it doesn't require blood sampling and other interventions) which studies such extended range of measured values within one test.

It is important to note that prior to the introduction of  this method a number of toxic elements was impossible to detect or required extremely complex analyzes, unavailable to the public.

You can make a benchmarking study, and if it turns out that our method is not the best alternative, we will provide you with a free certificate for the test.


6) I do not have any health problems and I feel all right.  Do I really need to do this test?


The answer to this question has been partly given above (see an answer to a question No. 1).

In our challenging life with the poor quality food, water and generally unfriendly environment, our body often remains either on the verge the phase or in the very phase when it lacks the certain necessary vital components, vitamins and other elements.

We suggest doing the test every 8 months, and gradually you will  accumulate the statistical data on the changes in the mineralogical map of your body, which will help to detect and correct your weak points.

It is worth noting that taking care of your health allowing to maintained the perfect balance of vital elements and eliminate the toxic once is the daily process, which requires acquiring some good habits and making changes in your lifestyle and diet.

The body will gratefully thank you for the right attitude and, thereby, improve the quality of your living.


7) I'm university graduate. I need to get the understanding of this method in order to become your customer intelligently. Can you tell me about it in more detail?


Your question is quite reasonable! You can find the answers in the detailed article on the mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma, by clicking this link.


8) How accurate is the research? How can I be sure that the data in the report is correct?


This method is highly-accurate and thanks to experienced laboratory experts, you will receive the most accurate and error-free data.

In case you have any doubts, it is possible to repeat the test on another day and compare the parameters of 2 reports.

The only disadvantage of such double test is its double cost.


9) I often use hairsprays and I color my hair.  Will the chemical elements they contain distort  the result of the analysis?


These parameters will not affect the results in any way. It order to prepare the samples for the test, the hair is processed with pure acetic acid and all the surface substances get washed off.


10) I did the test a month ago. When is it necessary to do it again? Should I do it again?


We suggest doing the test every 8 months, and gradually you will  accumulate the statistical data on the changes in the map of your body, which will help to detect and correct your weak points and get the correct therapy and the accurate prevention program.


11) My child is only 7 months old. Is there any point in doing this test for him?


We suggest starting to do the first tests when the children are 3-4 months old, in order to obtain the initial data for a mineralogical map. This map will be kept with by regularly entering the results of the further tests.

This will help to monitor the composition of chemical elements in the body and, in due time, it will allow to prescribe the appropriate vitamin complexes required for healthy development and growth.

Speaking of the impact on the mineralogical map of the baby at the time of breastfeeding, a number of positive changes aimed at the compensation of the vital elements can be done influencing a body of a nursing mother. A child copies her mineralogical map entirely and if her body lacks any chemical element, such tendency will also be detected in a child's body.

We suggest starting to monitor babies as early as possible, since doing the test every 8-10 months is not such a significant price to pay for such valuable, accurate and important general information on growth and development.


12) I have no hair on my head. What should I do in such case? May I send hair collected from some other body areas?


Hair was chosen as the most convenient and practical biological study object with regards to the testing method.

In case if you do not have hair on your head, you can collect them in any other body areas.

There are situations when a person does not possess any study object, i.e. hair, at all. It such case  you can send your nails. It is the next best type of biological material being studied and it also allows us to get the complete accurate laboratory data.


13) How can I collect my hair in order to make a required sample myself? Could you explain what exactly this sample should be like?


This is quite simple! In order to learn the detailed instructions click this link.


14) It seems that my neighbors intended to poison me. Is it possible to detect it through the  spectral analysis of hair?


People quite often approach us about this matter since the spectral analysis becomes very popular with  the investigating authorities when it comes to determining the cause of death.

This method has no analogs when it comes to detecting the critical dosages of toxic elements and comparing them to the general physical condition of the patient under study.

It is worth noting that the conclusion issued by our laboratory is legally binding. The fact of poisoning can be reported to the police solely on its bases.


15) I have cut my hair short recently. Will it affect the results of the test?


The closer it gets to roots the most accurate information is contained in the hair, thus, shortening your hair will not affect your test results.


16) I work at a factory. In my working environment  chemical elements simply fly in the air and penetrate my hair. How will it affect the results of the test? Can it cause error in the obtained data?


The results of your test will be absolutely accurate. They will show of the condition of your body along with the presence of all useful and toxic elements.

The hair will be that secondary indicator, detecting the presence of toxic elements that enter your body through lungs, skin and other organs contacting with your working environment.

It is very important for everyone, engaged in industry, especially chemical industry, plastics processing, etc., to monitor the content of toxic elements in the body,  detoxify and purify it,  in order to stay healthy and eliminate all chances of pathology.


17) I'm 85 years old. Do I still need to do such tests or should I carry on getting old without interventions?


It sounds like an interesting question! Should the age of 85 be considered the limit for the body?

Assisting your body is necessary at any age, regardless of the chronic diseases, pathologies and other problems.

Spectral analysis makes it possible to see the real condition of your body. It will be studied by an expert who will make a program allowing to correct the level of microelements.

We often meet quite elderly people who, after passing the test, started to take care of their health with the help of natural products, aimed both on eliminating toxins and toxic elements in the body and compensating the vital once. They have achieved very tangible results.

It does not guaranty getting rid of all diseases but really helps to improve the quality of life and the general condition of the body, being a part of your individual health program along with the prescribed medication, therapy, etc.


18) Why do you use hair for the test samples? What if I have more noxious substances in my other body parts but I simply don’t know about it?


Hair was chosen for a number of the following fundamental reasons:

- First of all, hair is easy to collect. It does not require any special procedures usually required for collecting biological materials through invasive intervention (penetrating the physiological barriers of the body (skin, mucous membrane);

- Hair possesses the unique property - like the rings of a tree hair, hair is capable to produce the information on the mineral composition of a human body which was being recorded over a long period of time;

- Customers don't need any outside help for collecting their hair. They can do it themselves and without and send them to us.

If we wonder Speaking about the question of,

We were asked whether the microelement balance in the different body parts, for example, in hair, teeth, skin from the heel, differs. The answer will be, "No." Our body is a single system consisting of matter and, in regards to the atomic and molecular distribution of particles, such system is inseparable.

But if we, for instance, consider such study object as blood, we have to know that it tends to purify itself and leave toxic elements in the tissues and organs of the body, therefore, using it as a study object of spectral analysis will differ from the study of the hard formations and tissues of the human body.

Practically, some of the best world-known experts are employed in the research departments of the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The demand for the method requiring the certain incoming biological material they introduced and successfully practice gives the main answer to this question.


19) The result of the test revealed the lack of iodine, calcium and the presence of noxious toxic elements. What should I do now?


You need to show your results of the test to a nutritionist  who will make a special program aimed at correcting the mineralogical map of your body.


20) Is it possible to test my pet's hair? It is as good as a family member to me.


Yes, of course, it is possible! Our test is capable of detecting mineral metabolism of any living and inanimate material object.

The technologies of the 21st century will take care of your pet's health!


21) Should I necessarily wash my hair before collecting the sample? Can the ingredients of the shampoo affect it?


There is no specific need for doing so, please, don't worry about it!


22) Some companies offer to do a test based on 20 elements. There are 35 elements in your test. What is the catch?


As we mentioned above, there is only one state-approved method of mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (spectral analysis). It is available only in the elemental analysis laboratory  of  the All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine of A.M. Nikiforov.

If you see some other similar offers, with the number of element less than 35, or done in the cities, other than St. Petersburg, you should keep in mind that such studies are unauthorized and unprofessional and it is worth thinking twice about giving such companies your money.


23) I suffer from a number of chronic diseases. Is there any point in doing this test if there is no chance for any changes?


In order to give a precise answer to your question we have to see the exact information on your condition and learn your doctor's opinion.

But generally, regarding the most diverse range of diseases, we can say that patients who pay heed to the     mineral and vitamin balance,  have better and more effective results of the planned treatment, they recover faster after drug treatment, operations, etc.

Correcting  the mineral balance is a long systematic step-by-step process involving  constant monitoring  and making changes in a diet, lifestyle  and even psychological attitude to recovery.

If you have the opportunity to do the spectral analysis, combined with the subsequent program, aimed at the resumption of your physical heath, it will help you a lot. It will not be done in vain.


24) Where can I learn the information on each of the elements? I want to understand what's what.


Our site gives the information on each of 33 studied elements. In order to find the required section, please, click on this link.


25) After receiving my test results, can I take them to my GP and ask him to prescribe the medication necessary in my condition?


It all depends on the level of your GP  as well as on his competence in this exact matter.

We are totally opposed to unprofessional help some patients seek straight after getting the results. For instance, if you see that, according to results, you lack calcium there is no use going to the nearest pharmacy and asking a shop assistant for an advice on medication.

Only a professional nutrition has understanding of how the useful and toxic elements interact which is crucial, since  the entire program of your recovery depends on replacing  the toxic elements with the useful once, which involves detoxification, replenishing and maintaining the proper mineralogical balance.

If you don't have a competent trustworthy expert, we will be able to recommend you truly experienced doctors and nutritionists.

You can leave a request by clicking this link  and our specialists will provide you with the necessary information for the further coordination.


26) I looked into an answer to the 24-th question. It seems that you scaring us into seeking the professional assistance of  your  colleagues.


Your question is quite reasonable!

We, by no means, want to impose services of our partners on our customers.

This information is given in order to hold our customers from falling victims to unprofessional or incompetent service or start trying to cure themselves with low-quality pharmaceutical products.

In case you decide to choose the department we recommend, we can assure you that the prices for the services they offer are quite affordable and no one will make you pay for something you don't need or promise the results which cannot be reached.


27) I have a mental disorder. Should I do this test? Will it help me in any way?


In order to give a precise answer to your question we have to see the exact information on your condition and learn your doctor's opinion.

It is beyond any doubt  that, if the mineralogical balance is kept at the proper level, your body and the nervous system will function more productively and help you to maintain the psychical equilibrium.

We deeply believe that physical and mental health represent two integral  and inseparable parts of the human health.


28) I have 100 grams of vodka a day after work. I feel good and positive. Why do I need all these tests and healthy diets?


Your question shows some very positive attitude indeed  and there is a lot of reason in your words.

The human physiology  is deeply dependant on the positive attitude and optimism. Depressed people with the negative emotional life and big family problems often get sick and intoxicate their bodies through disorders in the body systems, ruining the organs with stress.

Yet, alcohol cannot provide a man with all the elements necessary for his well-being. Eventually the body will exhaust its physiological reserve and trigger the alarm with back pain, joint pain, obesity, problems with liver or pressure, etc.

No one wants to make you stop enjoying your favorite food and drinks but monitoring your body condition  and detect the problems you might have in the future is a good and justified idea.

We are not trying to make you change your mind. We stand for the freedom of choice every man has. Choosing your lifestyle and private preferences is up to you.


We would like to thank you for your kind attention!

If you have not found the answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact our specialists and they will be happy to help you.

Yours faithfully, 33 Elementa.Ru

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