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The concept of the health control

Dear friends!

    This article is devoted an important and fundamental issue of “the concept of the health control”, which reference to:

health control;

health monitoring;

health control methods;

analysis of human health, etc.

    Over the past couple of decades the entire concept of a healthy lifestyle was effectively replaced with dealing with any health problem through medication, which detects a rather negative trend, both for the present and the future for the issue under consideration .

    Looking back at the soviet era, many Russians would remember that, even though the rate of earnings was rather low, an issue of  a healthy lifestyle remained on the very top of the priority list. The governmental healthcare program, which involved health farms, general sports activities, sports facilities and institutions allowed people to keep fit for free and surely had a very positive general effect on the health of the nation.

It is worth noting that the following aspects should be considered in order to get the full scoop of a healthy lifestyle and its elements:

the hygiene of the emotional and mental health (compliance with daily schedule of sleep, work and rest, information overload, etc.);

the  hygiene of the physical health (doing sport, regular exercises, countryside outing, etc.);

laying emphasis on the quality of food, water, vitamin-mineral complexes, etc.;

and, most crucially, the general health control, attained through the methods, both accessible for the people and intelligible for doctors, providing control over all health changes and making possible to take timely measures in order to avoid any health risk when required.

    Not too many people give a daily  thought to the fact that a human organism represents a very complex, self-regulating, precise mechanism requiring  proper regular care in ordered to function consistently and efficiently. The concept of the health control and the conception of a healthy lifestyle implies daily, systematic, positive-minded measures aimed at supporting and protecting this unique mechanism.

Such  include doing various exercises or sports, auto-training, vitaminization, recreation in environmentally  safe areas, etc.

    The most important thing is to select a reasonable system of daily measures and stick to it! We must remind that compensating regularity with exercising till you fit to drop or using aggressive diets as a drastic measure for the sporadic purification of your body just don't work!

If you analyze the influence a modern lifestyle has on the human health you will get a following  classic portrait of an average city dweller:

working fingers to the bone, therefore being under constant emotional and physical stress;

spending  most of his time in the city area, thereby systematically accumulating toxins and heavy metals;

often leading a sedentary life, using transport instead of walking and lacking physical exercises;

trying to solve every health problem with potent medication in order  to save time on treatment, etc.

The world with people generally dependant on materialistic values, credits, the craving for career growth always gives a reason for life being troubled.

But there comes the time for the body to remind us about its existence and to complain about its condition and it is the time when each of us has to ask:

how the health can be controlled?

what methods of health control can be applied?

what do "a healthy lifestyle" and its elements stand for?

    As you can see, the basic conception of 33 Elementa.Ru  involves  innovative rapid health test integrated as the part of the spectral analysis of biological samples, conducted at the elemental analysis laboratory  of  the All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine of A.M. Nikiforov in order to identify patterns of presence of both useful and harmful toxic trace elements qua indicators of the physical condition of the body.

    To make it more clearer, let's look at the way to control your health and the benefits such practice gives:

1) Once upon a time there lived Paul. And everything in his life was "typical". He was growing up getting stronger with each day.  Being a student he used to do sports and go on regular trips to the sea. He used to lead regular and active life till he turned 20 or so.

2) He was not a little boy anymore and it was the right time for Paul to find a job. That was exactly what he did and as it happened, it occupied most of his time. Working 5 days a week didn't bring him where he wanted to be, so it order to make it, he had to work harder. By the age of 26, Paul managed to work his way up, but he had to compromise on recreation and sports.  He still visited the sea coast but his trips were not regular unlike the stress caused by pressure he was under at work.

3) Naturally, by the time he turned 30, the number of his responsibilities at work increased along with the ideas he wanted to implement and aims to attain. He became a family man. There was absolutely no time left regular exercising in his busy schedule. He gained some extra pounds and his body became quaggy.

4) Putting aside his unhealthy lifestyle, the environment he was exposed to didn't help too. Polluted urban air, heavy metals and toxins  and food lacking vitamins lead to a constant systematic intoxication of the body.

5) Let's imagine that it was the time when Paul realized that reserve of his body can be used up and started to consider the methods of  the health control. We can list all of them, comparing their pros and cons, but let's save our time and assume that he has chosen the spectral analysis of hair and did this test.

6) The test manage to detect a number of minor yet systematically deepening problems Paul had. He is just 30 and he has many years ahead of him yet if he doesn't take any measures  what will happen to the quality of his life?

7) In the case considered, the concepts of the health control and the healthy lifestyle means the opportunity to monitor and to maintain the required level of useful trace elements in the body. As for the harmful toxic elements they should be absent of or sported and replaced with the useful ones, those which the body lacks.

We can say that 33 elements checked through test are the indicators of the health of the human body and its groups of his vital activity systems in general.

8) Doing regular tests with spectral analysis of biological samples every 8 months for 5 years  will provide you with an exact picture of the physical condition your body is in. The data can be presented as diagrams, graphs, etc.

This data is crucially valuable because it gives a physician  the exact information on what should to be corrected, recommendation on how it should be done and suggests the method of treatment if required.

It shows how to control the health  avoiding  reckless use of vitamins, food supplement, physiological effects without knowing the exact result they can give or being sure if such treatment is required at all.

9) If Paul takes his time to reconsider his life priorities, makes an effort and takes some measures aimed at increasing the number of the useful elements, his body lacks, and eliminating the harmful elements, he will improve the quality of his life, since it is the way a person feels, that influences the most important issues in his business and in privet life.

10) Undoubtedly, there are a lot of other factors which influence the quality of Paul's life (self-actualization, family matters, psychological issues, etc.). Among them all we consider the concept of a healthy lifestyle maintained through  the health control, correction and physical fitness.

11) Surly, Paul can do nothing  about his health, ignoring every sign indicating the need for changes. In this case by the time he turns 45 and  the recurrent problems will manifest themselves, the body will no longer be able to cure and regulate itself due to irreversible age-related changes.

If we are asked whether in such situation it is possible to restore the condition Paul's health was in when he was 30,  the answer would be "no".  We all have to remember that the proper measures should be taken in due time.

    We have no intention of scaring your with the story we told. We just wanted to explain the basic idea of  the health control which implies keeping in mind the following aspects:

1) The current  rhythm and quality of life brings the body to lack of the elements, necessary for its normal functioning.

2) Even the general positive attitude and relaxation on weekends can't compensate the vitamins and microelements,  and if the body lacks them it needs to be helped.

3) Ecology plays its own negative part in lives of modern city dwellers  due to the fact that we are constantly exposed to various harmful factors and made to absorb various harmful substances.

4) The quality of water, air, food, working environment leaves much to be desired and it is typical for the has body to stay in the deficit phase, rather than recover and get rid of harmful toxic elements safely.

5) Everyone needs to form a personal idea of a healthy lifestyle, a system which allows to maintain physical health through doing sports and systematic detoxification, choosing right vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as to take care of mental and emotional health through cultural and other positive influence.

It takes a lot of work to turn such formed system into a habit but when it happens it will serve you and make your body stay fit and healthy for years.

We are glad to offer our assistance in testing the condition of your body through spectral analysis of hair, which would help to find the proper way to eliminate the imbalance of the trace elements and build a long-term plan for a happy and healthy life!

Yours faithfully, 33 Elementa.Ru


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