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Why do people choose the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations?

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Instructions for collecting biological samples required for elemental analysis

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You can read an instructions for collecting  biological samples required for elemental analysis below.


You need to do:


1)  Cut 4-5 thin strands from different parts of the back of the head. The hair should be cut directly AT THE VERY ROOTS, the total thickness of the strands laid out on the plane should make about 10-15 mm.

If your hair is long, the strand cut for  the test samples should be 1.5 centimeter-long. It should be cut and measured from the roots. The length of the hair exceeding 1.5 centimeters  should be cut off and not included into the sample.



2) For reference, the amount of hair, required for the test should make about a teaspoonful or more or equal to the thickness of the area of two pencils on the plane.



3) If there is not enough hair growing at the back of the head or on the head as such, it is necessary to collect the total amount using hair from different parts of the body.

For information, armpit hair can include many extra chemical elements, it is not recommended to cut them for researching.


4) In the cases when nails are used as a sample, the total amount of sample required for the test  is 1 tsp.


5) Hereafter, the collected samples must be placed in a paper bag (in a folded sheet of paper) and plastic bag, and delivered personally / sent to the Contractor.


7)  6) It is necessary to fill in a questionnaire, presented via this link, before sending the sample.


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