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How to determine the amount of nickel in the human body

Dear friends!

This article is focused on nickel (Ni), a conditionally essential ultra-trace  element, located under the number 28 in the periodic table.

how to determine the amount of nickel in the human body

Nickel is a silver-white easy-malleable and ductile metal.

This trace element was discovered by a Swedish chemist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt in 1751. It took its name from a mythological figure, Old Nick, a gnome who, according to legends, used to palm off some ore on miners. This ore looked much like copper ore but it was impossible to smelt anything from it.

Pure nickel was derived later in 1804 by a German chemist J. Richter.

Speaking of clinical studies of nickel, it is worth noting that its vital necessity for the body was proved only at the turn of the twentieth century by a group of scientists.

Nickel is a quite common trace element and it is naturally present in a wide range of conventional products.

Phytogenic  products and seafood  are especially rich in nickel.

Nickel is widely used in many industrial processes,  starting from steel alloying and electroplating to various chemical reacting, etc.

In our everyday life we come upon nickel contained in dishes, coins, buttons, jewelry, nickel silver items, dentures, etc.

Speaking about the basic functions of nickel, it is worth highlighting the following:

1) Participation in metabolism, i.e. carbon metabolism and energy processes, mineral and lipid metabolism

2) The immune system and hormonal metabolism

3) Liver detoxification

4) The vascular system and hormonal metabolism

5) Forming gut flora

It is especially important to keep in mind that the vital amount of nickel in the body is essential for the smooth labor and gestation.

It was noted that straight after labour the concentration of nickel in the blood of a woman gets increased by 20 times. This biological function lasts for about an hour and plays a crucial role in preventing bleeding and ensuring the proper uterus tone at the time of labor.

The lack of nickel is mostly common for the  patients with intestinal malabsorption (chronic inflammation, colitis, dysbacteriosis, etc.) as well as for people eating too much plant food, containing phytate.

The lack of nickel might cause the following pathologies:

- Anemia and atrophy of the testes

- Developmental impairment

- Hypercholesterolemia, etc.

The exceeded level of nickel can put the body under the following risks:

The substances, initially containing nickel are water-soluble salts , harmless to the body, and lipophilic salts, responsible for forming free radicals and causing permanent damage to DNA and cell transforming.

It is especially dangerous for an embryo forming starting from its very first day, since its cells remain especially vulnerable during its active forming.

The acute nickel intoxication, caused by nickel carbonyl, results from the direct contact with this element or is conditioned by the working environment of steel and chemical industries.

Acute intoxication manifests itself through the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, pulmonary edema, weakness, etc.

The common clinical symptoms the exceeded level of nickel in the body manifests itself with are the following:

1) Cornea blister, keratitis

2) Allergic dermatitis (nickel scabies)

3) Chronic bronchitis

4)  Decrease in immunity

5) Nickel bronchial asthma

6) Increased risk of lung cancer, etc.

Especially pronounced symptom are all kinds of allergic reactions, since nickel is a very strong allergen.

Contact dermatitis caused by interacting with nickel products is localized on:

1) The scalp, earlobes (caused by barrettes, earrings, chains)

2) Oral mucosa (caused by prostheses, instruments)

3) Hands (caused by interacting with coins, accessories), etc.

An interesting fact was revealed by Swedish and British scientists regarding Euro coins. It turned out that every fourth coin is high in nickel causing contact dermatitis and allergic reactions for a vast number of people.

When it comes to interacting with nickel-containing Euro coins, the European MAC gets exceeded thirtyfold, so often people who constantly interact with coins systematically intoxicate themselves which might lead to serious health problems in the future.

The second  of the most common problems associated with nickel is the presence of this trace element  in dental prosthetic materials.  About 25% of patients either cannot wear dental prosthesis or remain in a state  of permanent allergy caused by nickel, which also leads to discomfort and chronic diseases.

Speaking of food products, all nickel allergy patient should stay off cocoa, tea, coffee, liquorice, soybeans, buckwheat and herring.

Considering the interaction of nickel with other trace elements, it should be mentioned, that it plays a facilitating role in iron intestinal absorption. Low levels of nickel lead to increased release of calcium and iron causing the lack of these  trace elements in the body.

The exceeded level of nickel in the body leads to decrease in levels of selenium, chromium and zinc.

That is why it is essential to monitor the general distribution of trace elements in the body and to take the necessary actions aimed at maintaining  the harmony and balance of the bioelemental status.

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Answering the question of  “How to determine the amount of nickel in the human body?”,  we would recommend you  the method of coupled plasma mass spectrometry also referred to as the spectral analysis.

This method based on 33 vital and toxic trace elements analyzed within one test is applied in the high-tech laboratory of the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and it provides a unique opportunity to detect the bioelemental status of the entire body.

It is very important since many people try to analyze just one of the trace elements, not being aware of a fact that  it is impossible to obtain the exact diagnosis of the body sate or make the accurate program aimed at reaching the perfect balance of the trace elements in the body without data on all elements.

    Toxic trace elements get systematically accumulated in the tissues, organs, bones and other body structures, therefore it is impossible to detect their exact presence through studies of the organic samples such as urine, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, etc.

It also applies to the detection of the vital trace elements when their exact quantity needs to be determined in order to build an overall picture of the bioelemental status qua the aggregate of vital and toxic elements.

    That is exactly why the unique laboratory of elemental analysis aimed at detecting and monitoring the presence of toxic trace elements in the human body of was launched within the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in 2007. The service was initially meant for employees of the huge structure accountable to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

    The spectral analysis (you can learn more about the method by clicking this link is a unique method which provides the most  accurate information both on vital and toxic trace elements, present in a human body, which makes it possible to study the wide range of indicators instead of focusing on a certain single chemical element.

You can look into an example of the study done through the method of the spectral analysis by clicking this link.

It is a matter of great importance, since the trace elements constitute a single system and the lack of some elements causes the accumulation of the others, which results in replacement of the certain elements with the other once.

    As you might see, our project is fully devoted to the spectral analysis and its principle with regard to health control. We will gladly assist you at every step of this study, elucidate the obtained results and, if necessary, advise you on how to restore the elemental status of your body.

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the method of spectral analysis!

The uniqueness of this method makes it possible to study samples sent from any part of the world as a usual letter. It is a truly unique tool of the health control.

Remember that the systematic control over the vital sighs it is the major step on the way to well-being and longevity.

We would like to thank you for your kind attention!

Yours faithfully, 33 Elementa.Ru

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