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Is eating with a silver spoon bad for health of children and adults?

Dear friends!

    This section is devoted to such an essential trace element as silver. Today we are going to focus on the ways silver products are used in our everyday life.

We are going to consider two basic areas silver is applied in with a particular focus on:

- silver for serving food and drinks;

- silver spoons for small children;

    Since the dawn of time, silverware used to symbolize the luxury and wealth. It was favored by royal families and nobility.

Thus, possessing at least one silver product in the household turned into the matter of principle for people of  post-revolutionary Russia and remained alike for the entire Soviet era.

    The 21st century has changed the general favorable attitude towards the silverware, yet there are still many people who stick to traditions and use silverware as the part of their daily routine.

The tradition of presenting  a newborn with a silver spoon or even a fork has really taken root and even now some parents use these lucky charms for regular feeding of their children, unwittingly supposing that it is really good for health.

    According to the concept of our company, the human body is studied on the basis of 33 chemical trace elements and  silver, the element this article is devoted to, is one of them.

Thus, let's answer the frequently asked questions of “Is eating with a silver spoon (using silverware) bad for health? Can you safely use silverware on a day-to-day basis?”.   

    Every silver product should be treated with the reference to the following rule: occasional use of silverware is good for heath  until it turns into a daily tradition.

In point of fact, the small amounts of silver should be present in the body in order to protect it from pathogenic microorganisms and to participate in indissoluble intercellular processes. Yet, often people, who believe  in unique supernatural powers of this trace element and think that it is able to prevent any disease, start to overuse it.

    The results of the study, involving a huge number of patients, have led to a very different conclusion. The accumulation of silver in the body is dangerous. When the level of silver in the human body is exceeded, it affects the body in a way similar to an effect of the other toxic trace elements.

It is children and newborns who are at the extra risk, since some mothers fanatically feed their babies daily with a silver spoon  and then wonder about the reasons for sudden allergies, diathesis, skin reactions, etc.

    The spectral analysis  is the only method allowing to detect the excess of silver in the body and identify the signals of the urgent need for changes.

We anticipate the skeptical argument that the silverware was used in Russia for a long time by royalties and nobility. And it will be true! But it took the scientific breakthrough of the 21st century to detect the difference between the diseases commoners and the members of the upper class had. It has been discovered that daily accumulation of silver, leading to intoxication, was one of the causes of heavy genetic and intractable diseases the royalties suffered from.

    Christian believers used to drink silver water blessed at Epiphany. Yet, they did it on holidays and not on the daily bases.

Silver is a very toxic and dangerous trace element. It is prone to accumulation in the human body and it is extremely difficult to eliminate.

    As an example, here is the result of a study of a one-and-a-half-year-old baby, whose parents used to feed him with a silver spoon for about a year, approximately once every 2 days.

Is eating with a silver spoon bad for children?

As you can see, the indicator of presence of silver in a baby's body is in the upper permissible zone, which is very dangerous. It required stopping feeding a baby with a silver spoon urgently which was exactly what the baby’s parents did.

    And now let's consider what would have happened if spectral analysis had not been done. A growing body would be accumulating silver on the daily bases, getting intoxicated.

Speaking of elderly people, could you guess it they have too much silver in their bodies?

    The answer is, on average, the content of silver in the bodies of the elderly people remains at permissible level. Let's find a reason for it.

The answer lies in household water filters becoming very popular in the last decade.

ATTENTION! In order to meet the requirements of Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate absolutely all filters must contain organic silver as the means of elimination of bacteria.

    That is why  children, youngsters and adults, using filtered water, gradually accumulate silver. We are not talking of large amounts. The accumulating can last for years, but as it proceeds it brings the level of silver in your body to a dangerous mark.

As for elderly people, they spent 70% of their lives without using filters, which explains why the content of this trace element in their bodies does not to exceed the permitted level, in fact, it often remains much lower, alike in the case of their grandchildren!

    Some kinds of medications, i.e. nasal drops, creams, mixtures, etc. can also contain silver. The choice of cold remedy for little children must be made with especial care, since their bodies absorb 3-4 times more toxic trace elements (with regard to weight ratio) than the body of an adult and thus it gets exposed to extra risk.

This article was by no means aimed at making you being afraid of using silverware. We just want you to be aware of the fact that it can be used on some occasions, if it is necessary, but it should not turn into regular everyday practice.

    In case you wonder about the level of silver in your  body, our company will gladly offer our service, based on  the method of spectral analysis of hair. The major benefit of such choice is that  besides silver, you will learn the complete information on the other 32 trace elements studied in medicine, followed by detection of weak points of the body and the prevention of future health problems.

This method is unique and it has demonstrated its efficiency over the years, being applied by the state healthcare institutions in Russia.

You can learn about the method of the spectral analysis, by clicking this link

You can see the examples of the done tests , by clicking this link

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If you have any questions regarding spectral analysis, please, don't hesitate to contact our experts in order to get the detailed explanation.

Yours faithfully, 33 Elementa.Ru

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