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Why do people choose the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations?

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Why do patients choose the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia?

Dear friends!


This review is focused on the title of the article, i.e. “Why do people choose the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia?”.

This article was written in order to explain the indisputable advantages and distinctions the elemental analysis laboratory of  the All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine of A.M. Nikiforov has if compared to the other companies which offer the similar services.

Let's consider all the main points in due their order.


1) There is a number of institutions, located in Russia and neighboring countries, which apply the method of mass spectrometry to study the biological samples.

What  makes the laboratory of  the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations so different?

The answer to this question is fairly obvious.

The most important is the fact is that the laboratory of  the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is the only one that has the state accreditation and entitled to do the tests relating to human body.

Other institutions that do the laboratorial spectral analysis of hair, nails and other biological samples, simply conceal the fact that they are entitled to test  the soil, metals, water, vegetables, grain, etc., but not samples coming from the human body! This crucial distinction is worth focusing on.

The lack of legal governmental accreditation for the studies related to the human body is the main disadvantage of all these laboratories. As they can't legally verify  their expert findings, they doesn't have any legal validity and can't be considered in any legal procedures or excepted by medical institutions for further studies.


2) As for the technique, applied in laboratories, the laboratory of  the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is equipped in accordance with the highest modern technical standards for laboratory equipment.

Regarding the cost of the advanced laboratorial equipment, private laboratories cannot financially rival the state institutions, supported by state grants and budget allocated for research, and, thus, they cannot rival the state laboratories when it comes to the accuracy and quality of the services provided to the public.


3) The high-standard skills and professional  training of laboratory personnel is also worth focusing on.

Currently, the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is the most advanced medical institution which is has the state support and employs the most skillful and knowledgeable professionals, which ensures the top quality of services provided to the public.


4) The difference in declared number of elements, various laboratories base their studies on, raises the following question: Why does the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations chose 33 as the number of elements basic for their studies?


The reason is that 35 elements make the "golden indicator". All together they are used in medicine for determining the exact condition the human body is in and selecting the proper methods, allowing to compensate the indispensible microelements along with removing the toxic ones.


So if the laboratory offers to conduct the  research, based on 40 microelements, such offer can be considered as a marketspeak, but the case of the number of elements being cut to 20 indicates the low quality of the research equipment installed in such laboratory.


Being honest, our company is capable of  providing its customers with a bioelemental status based on 88 chemical elements, if required.


5) The initial aims various spectral analysis laboratories pursue is also a very important issue to consider.

The initial aim most of commercial enterprises generally pursue could be represented by a certain bundle, i.e. determining a patient's bioelemental status is usually followed by a professional consultation which results in prescribing some drugs required for restoring the vitamin and mineral status.

The last part deserves to be taken a closer look at, since it demonstrates the initial commercial aim pursued by privet enerprises. The result of the study usually "forms a need" for some drug which a  patient can buy directly from a sales department in such privet clinics.

We do not's mean to speak ill of such way of earning. We just want to bring to consumers' attention that in the public clinic no one forces you to buy any goods after being tested.

You will be able choose a nutritionist you personally trust and start restoring your body in accordance with the program he recommends.

We don't use our website to impose any mineral complexes. We respect our customers. We can recommend an experienced nutritionist, able to solve the problems detected by the test, but only if it is requested by a customer.

The elemental analysis laboratory of  the Clinic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is initially aimed at studying the presence of toxic microlements in the human body. Being a part of the state healthcare program doesn't let our activities become  totally commercial.


6) An important indicator of the highest scientific and technical level of laboratory lies in the fact that the data, accumulated in the course of the tests, conducted within the national healthcare program, allowed to  compile compendiums on the elemental status common to the residents of the particular regions both in Russia and neighboring countries.

Now it is possible to tell what kind of microelemental deviation a person suffers from just by learning the region, he comes from and checking with the systematic data.

The elemental analysis laboratory of  the clinic belongs to the structure of Russian Emergency Ministry which has hundreds of thousands of employees including firefighters, rescuers, etc.  Due to their professional activities, all of them have to be tested regularly for the presence of the heavy toxic metals in their bodies. Keeping this aspect in mind we can truly say that, since the day the laboratory was opened, it has been studying the greatest possible number of patients.

Now we would like to thank you for reading this analytical review and express our hope that we have not not bore you with the details. It is very important to understand the uniqueness and benefits of the spectral analysis and we hope that that we made an intelligible introduction of this research method.


Yours faithfully, 33 Elementa.Ru

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